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Tommykaira R34 GT-R: R, R-s, R-z

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Yoshikazu Tomita reported that there was a total of 34 Tommykaira R, R-s and R-z produced in total.
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Tommykaira R, R-s

It was a time when cars were tough.

In the past, the cars that played an active role in motorsports were all powerful machines that chose their drider. It required a high level of skill from the driver, and craftsmanship was also required in the shift lever and clutch work. It was a time when the circuits were full of such machines that engine adjustment was not easy, but it gave rise to a sense of conquest, and once you got the hang of it, you could set incredible times. The Skyline GT-R was at the pinnacle of its time.

In 1999, what kind of dreams do we entrust to this new Skyline GT-R, which carries this lineage of motorsports to this day? This is where the development of Tommykaira R began.
Revives the original form of the GT-R.

R34 Skyline GT-R. Everyone was amazed at the high level of perfection. In 1995, the R33 was considered the ultimate GT-R, but the R34 had been reborn on a slightly larger scale. This is not an evolution, but the birth of a completely new R.

Tommykaira entrusted this GT-R with one big dream. In recent years, even the world's top-class sports cars have become mainstream with semi-autonomous vehicles, and in an era where comfort has become one of the major selling points, Tommykaira has decided to give the GT-R a unique look. We decided to give it the rugged styling, power, and outstanding driving performance that it would have been.
We are particular about pursuing quick response.

Tommykaira is particular about accelerator response throughout the entire range without damaging the pickup at low rpm.

Here are some essential points to fully enjoy the charm of the newly adopted 6-speed transmission. The Tommykaira R uses expensive forged magnesium wheels, which are used on most F-1 machines, to reduce unsprung weight, and other details have been tuned to improve overall response. Contrary to its size, it achieves nimble maneuverability for everyday use.
Diffuser and rear triple wing spoiler with the circuit in mind

The rear triple wing was developed as a purely functional part. To control a GT-R class machine, this much surface area was absolutely necessary.

The lowermost wing, which is directly connected to the aluminum stay, enhances the effect of air flowing from the body to the trunk, and the upper wing plays the role of generating rear downforce. Furthermore, the top flap has an angle adjustment function. You can change it to three stages according to your driving pattern. On circuits, the angle is increased to increase downforce to increase cornering speed, and during normal high-speed driving, it is laid back to reduce air resistance... The rear diffuser has a design that takes into account the visual balance with the triple wing, and is responsible for the overall rectification effect.
The presence of oversized fenders

The seriousness of the Tommykaira R is overflowing in the large bulges that protrude from the left and right sides of the front fender. If you want to match the enlarged design of the rear fender and the balance, this blister-type front is the only one that sticks out from the bonnet line! The development team's firm belief led to the creation of this impressive front design.

The front spoiler, which continues from the fender, is designed with a large-diameter air duct that puts cooling function first. The face of a racing car has been carved out, eliminating the ambiguous expression. The lip spoiler at the tip is an accent that helps with rectification and aero protection. The exposed racing-type intercooler shows that this car is more than just an ordinary car.

Suspension performance has always been Tommykaira's specialty. Its true value lies in its extremely mild ride, which is contrary to its rigid form. If it's solid, it's good...such childish preconceptions won't apply to Tommykaira R. At normal speeds around town, you won't feel the harsh stiffness of a so-called sports suspension.
For example, the feeling of Le Mans. Good discipline trained on the circuit

Up to a speed range close to the legal speed + α, it absorbs shock gently and does not force the driver into unnecessary tension. For example, even if you enter an unknown corner at too high speed, you will still have enough room to correct the steering without losing steering feel. At this point, if you are a skilled driver, you should be able to feel even the smallest movements of the suspension.

The Tommykaira R shows its true potential after it passes the rotation point where maximum torque is generated. If you continue to shift up with the peak torque lamp always on, you will enter a completely different realm (or rather, one that the GT-R was originally supposed to have). The 19-inch wheels provide a sharp and calm steering feel, and as the rear downforce increases, the sense of stability increases, so you don't feel like you're speeding. At that time, the inside of the room will continue to accelerate while remaining surprisingly quiet. The Tommykaira R has achieved the kind of drivability that makes you feel like you've experienced the performance of the McLaren GT-R, which was made with Le Mans as its target.

Max Output 370ps/7800rpm
Max Torque 42.5kgm/4600rpm

Max Output 425ps/7800rpm
Max Torque 45.0kgm/6000rpm

Length: 4620mm
Width: 1785mm
Height: 1335mm
Wheel base: 2665mm
Tread: (F)1496mm (R)1506mm

DOHC Turbo with Intercooler
Piston Displacement : 2568cc
Bore x Stroke : 86.0mm×73.7mm

Transmission: 6MT
Brakes :
(F) 4 Piston Opposed Type Caliper + Ventilated Disc
(R) 2 Piston Opposed Type Caliper + Ventilated Disc
Wheels: 9.5JJ ×19 (Front & Rear)
Tire: 275/30ZR19 (Front & Rear)
Suspension: original coil spring
Steering Rack & Pinion
Aero Parts

● Front spoiler
● Blister fender
● Side diffuser
● Rear diffuser
● Rear triple wing spoiler
Tuning is a tuning technique that consists of small steps.

As a result of simulating the driver's driving stage, Tommykaira has set two types: R with 370 horsepower and R-S with 425 horsepower. The R, which has unleashed the potential of the GT-R to its original form, has been upgraded to a completely different class of vehicle with the necessary and sufficient power and torque increase. From city streets to highways, its power performance is overwhelmingly superior. The R-s, which generates 425 horsepower, has been completed as an invincible street machine with a view to sports driving on circuits, including cooling measures and enhanced brake performance. The best part is that there is no difference in appearance between the two cars. It is not set up for show or vanity, but with tuning that is optimal for the driving you are looking for. Both are complete machines that Tommykaira brings to the world with confidence.

* The following tuning items are added to the R-s type.
● Racing type intercooler
● Turbine kit
● Spring & Bilstein compatible with high power
● oil cooler
● Twin plate clutch
● Brake pad
● Strut tower bar (with master cylinder stopper)
Machining of aluminum material. An emblem is embedded in the top. To operate the 6-speed transmission more sensually...

A digital speedometer that indicates shift points is standard equipment. A yellow lamp indicates peak torque, centered on a large, highly visible digital display. A red light indicates the optimal shift up point. Tommykaira's original digital speedometer with two indicators.

An original seat developed for racing sports. The three-dimensional molding from the waist to the shoulder area, which combines high holding performance and freedom of the arms, is integrated with the driver. (Embroidered mascot and brand logo) *Optional
Tommykaira Pro R
Tommykaira R exclusive

19 inch forged magnesium machined wheels

In order to operate a GT-R class machine at racing speed, the wheels, which are part of the suspension, are an important tuning part. A special wheel that started at the same time as the development of the Tommykaira R. Tommykaira "PRO R'' is an ultra-light wheel made from the same material and manufacturing method as the racing wheels installed on that F-1 machine. The Tommykaira "PRO R'' is responsible for the sharp handling of the Tommykaira R, which was achieved by reducing the unsprung weight. Furthermore, in the Tommykaira R, which emphasizes balance as a complete car, we focused on the overall good response, including tire size and brand, and the accuracy of steering information in extreme conditions. The focus on durability and safety, which takes cooling performance into consideration, is also a result of the high level of perfection of the circuit-ready Tommykaira R wheels.

Size: 9.5 JJ × 19 inch
Weight: 9.3kg
Color: gold
Compatible tires: 275/30ZR19
*With special nut
* Can be set as an option for all cars
● Front brake 6-pot caliper (manufactured by AP Racing)
● Front brake rotor (manufactured by AP Racing)
● Brake pad

AP Racing's braking system, which has received high praise in the world of motor racing, promises highly reliable suspension settings that allow you to attack even the toughest circuits with confidence.


Price List and Specifications

Tuned BNR34 R R-s R-Z 
Max Output 370ps/7800rpm 425ps/7800rpm 530ps/7300rpm
Max Torque 42.5kgm/4600rpm 45.0kgm/6000rpm 54.5kgm/6000rpm
Price GT-R (series 1) 6,780,000 7,998,000  
Price V-Spec 7,357,000 8,580,000 10,500,000
Price GT-R (series 2) 6,830,000 8,030,000 10,550,000
Price V-Spec II 7,507,000 8,730,000 11,250,000


Standard Equipment & Options     
Specifications, Equipment   R R-s Price
Mechanism Control unit standard
  Muffler standard
  Intercooler - standard
  Intercooler (racing type) 40,000*
  Turbine Kit - standard
  Twin Plate Clutch 135,000
  Composite Radiator 239,000
  Strut tower bar (with master cylinder stopper) 54,000
Suspension Sports coil springs - standard
  R-s exclusive sports coil spring 268,000*
  Bilstein shock absorber
  Front tension rod (pillow ball type) 54,000
  AP 6-pot front brake caliper (1) 424,000
  AP front brake rotor (*1)
  Brake pad (F-R) 37,000
Exterior Front spoiler (painted, with net) standard
  Front fender (painted) standard
  Side diffuser (painted) standard
  Rear diffuser (painted) standard
  Rear triple wing (black anodized finish) standard
  Original wheel "PROR" set (95JJx19 with 275/30ZR19) standard
  Head ornament standard
  Type ornament standard
  Side decal type II standard
  Tommykaira emblem standard
  R emblem standard
  Mascot emblem standard
Interior Digital speedometer standard
  Shift knob standard
  Floor mat standard
  Original sports seat (driver's seat/with seat rail) 111,000
  Original sports seat (navigator's seat/with seat rail) 111,000
Option Carbon rear diffuser for Nissan genuine V-spec
*Option only available for GT-R base model.
● Standard
▲ Optional inclusion
■ The above option prices do not include tax or consumption tax.    
■ Other optional equipment and body color conform to genuine Nissan.    
* 1 If you are installing an AP brake caliper, it will not be possible to install a spare tire.    


Parts List
Mechanism Muffler 120,000  
  Intercooler 148,000  
  Racing Intercooler 198,000  
  Turbine Kit 420,000  
  Twin Plate Clutch 158,000  
  Composite Radiator 298,000  
  Strut tower bar 72,000 With master cylinder stopper
Suspension Sports coil springs 40,000 Set of 4
  R-s exclusive suspension kit 350,000 Set of 4
Bilstein shock
Dedicated double spring
  Front tension rod 72,000 Pillow ball type
  AP 6-pot front brake caliper
AP front brake rotor
498,000 F/R set *1
  Brake pad 46,000 F/R set
Exterior Front spoiler 200,000 Painted with net/under spoiler
  Front fender 240,000 Painted
  Side diffuser 58,000 Painted
  Rear diffuser 64,000 Painted
  Rear triple wing 180,000 Black anodized finish
  Original mag wheel "PRO R" 9.5JJ×19 +22 640,000 Set of 4 forged magnesium cut/with nuts
  DUNLOP FORMULA FM901 275/30ZR19 220,000 Set of 4
  Head ornament 12,000  
  Side decal type II 48,000 RED/GM SL/GM
  Tommykaira emblem 5,000  
  Mascot emblem 5,000  
Interior Digital speedometer 58,000 With peak torque/shift up indicator
  Shift knob 8,000  
  Floor mat 34,000  
  Original sports seat 111,000 1 leg with seat rail
Option   440,000 Carbon rear diffuser for Nissan genuine V-spec
* Option only available for GT-R base model.
■ The above prices do not include consumption tax.   
■ The above prices do not include installation fees.   
■ Price, specifications, etc. are subject to change without notice.   
■ We can paint the aero parts in any color you wish, but please note that some colors may not be available.   
*1 If you are installing an AP brake caliper, it will not be possible to install a spare tire.   


R-s Images

Front main view Rear main view
Aero - Front spoiler Aero - Front spoiler net
Aero - Front fender Aero - Side diffuser
Aero - Rear diffuser Aero - Rear triple wing
Aero - Rear triple wing Aero - Rear triple wing
19" forged magnesium machined wheel Tommykaira PRO R Emblems - front
Emblems - rear Various Emblems - engine bay
Build Plate Exhaust
Intercooler (racing type) Composite Radiator and labelled cap
Strut tower bar R-s exclusive sports coil spring
AP Racing 6 pistong brakes Digital speedometer
Digital speedometer Shift knob
Floor mat Rear main view
Foot rest Cover
Front Seats Front Seats
Front Seats Front Seats - emblem


Tommykaira R-s Video


Tommykaira R-z

The wonders of Tommykaira Magic that you can experience while driving.

Total balance with a high degree of perfection commensurate with 530ps.

The displacement has been increased to 2700cc, achieving a maximum output of 530 horsepower and a maximum torque of 54.52kgm. To achieve this, various types of tuning have been applied. For example, the crankshaft, which is the most important element for bringing out the best performance of the engine, is an original crankshaft manufactured by Fandon in the UK. Highly rigid full counter type provides excellent balance performance. Furthermore, the R-z uses an H-section connecting rod and forged aluminum piston, making it both highly rigid and lightweight. What's more, it achieves well-balanced tuning. In addition, the R-z uses metal head gaskets, high-lift camshafts, valve springs, and racing plugs to bring out the best in the pistons, connecting rods, and crankshafts that are the main moving parts. Composite Radiator Improves cooling effect by using N1 water pump.

Changes to the intake and exhaust system have resulted in a significant increase in efficiency through the use of a stainless steel exhaust system with suction from the front pipe and a racing type intercooler. By increasing the size of the fuel system parts and strengthening the drive system, you can enjoy ample torque even when driving at low rpm around town. What's more, the sense of power, extension, and revving at high rpm will captivate anyone sitting in the driver's seat.

The front brake has been strengthened to control the 530 horsepower. Uses AP 6-pot calipers, AP brake rotors, and PFC brake pads. This is a highly reliable braking system that responds precisely to the driver's wishes.

● Cylinder head/port polishing
● Cylinder block/boring, internal polishing
● Original crankshaft made in UK
● Special H section connecting rod
● Special forged piston
● Titanium coated piston ring
● Metal head gasket
● High lift camshaft
● Reinforced valve spring, valve guide
● Racing plug

Computer Unit
● R-z dedicated computer unit

Cooling System
● Large capacity water-cooled oil cooler
● Water pump for high speed N1

Intake and Exhaust System
● Full exhaust system
● Large capacity intercooler
● Special turbine

Fuel System
● Large capacity air flow meter
● Large capacity injector
● Large capacity fuel pump

Drive System
● Twin plate clutch

Reinforcement Parts
● Strut tower bar (with master cylinder stopper)
● Reinforced engine mount
● Enhanced transmission mount

Brake system
● AP 6-pot caliper & rotor (F)
● PFC brake pad

● Bilstein original shock absorber
● Original spring (F)
● Original double spring (R)

● Forged magnesium cut wheel “PRO R” 9.5×19+22

Reinforcement Parts
● Stainless mesh brake hose
● Front tension rod (pillow ball)
Interior and Exterior

Same specifications as R-s.

10,500,000 yen

Max Output 530ps/7300rpm
Max Torque 54.52kgm/6000rpm

Length: 4620mm
Width: 1785mm
Height: 1335mm
Wheel base: 2665mm
Tread: (F)1496mm (R)1506mm

DOHC Turbo with Intercooler
Piston Displacement : 2568cc
Bore x Stroke : 86.0mm×73.7mm

Transmission: 6MT
Brakes :
(F) 4 Piston Opposed Type Caliper + Ventilated Disc
(R) 2 Piston Opposed Type Caliper + Ventilated Disc
Wheels: 9.5JJ ×19 (Front & Rear)
Tire: 275/30ZR19 (Front & Rear)
Suspension: original coil spring
Steering Rack & Pinion


R-z Images

Front main view Build Plate
Engine Bay Engine Bay


Tommykaira R-z Video


Tommykaira R, R-s Brochure



Tommykaira R-z Brochure


Tommykaira Wheels Brochure



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