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Tommykaira R35 GT-R: R -Concept- (Version 3, 2018)

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Tommykaira R -Concept-

Originally, Tommykaira tuning was about bringing out the potential of the car and finding a balance to suit it. However, the GT-R is different. That's because the true potential of the GT-R was its "racing spec."

The "Tommykaira R" is based on the legendary BNR32 Skyline GT-R, which was revived in 1989. The racing spec lineage that continued to evolve with the BCNR33 and BNR34 has finally been inherited by the R35 type.
Revival and evolution of “R”

Tokyo Auto Salon in early 2018. We revived the Tommykaira R, which was discontinued after the BNR34 model, as a concept vehicle based on the R35 model, and exhibited it.

The specs of the R35 GT-R are amazing, and it is a car that deserves to be described as a racing spec car even though it is a commercially available car. However, there is plenty of room for further evolution. With that in mind, we began the production of "Tommykaira R -Concept-". Please take a look at the revival and evolution of "R".
Maximum impact with minimal changes. Tommykaira's tuning concept remains unchanged for the R35 GT-R. The engine and power system, which originally boasted racing specs, have been kept to a minimum of adjustments, and changes have been made to take advantage of their power. The concept of "maximum effect with minimum changes'', which is also applied to the GT-R, is proof that the "Tommykaira R -Concept-" is a Tommykaira car.
It can be said that the most distinctive feature of the "Tommykaira R -Concept-", which is based on the R35 GT-R, is its exterior. The body kit was revised to take advantage of the R35 GT-R's racing specs. The body kit has a completely original design with an impactful front face and fenders with a total width of more than 2 meters that can accommodate the tires and wheels that can handle the intense power.

The rear design integrates the under diffuser, variable wing, rear bumper, quarter panel, and muffler cutter. This is the birth of a body kit that embodies the true appearance of the R35 GT-R.
In recent years, control of engines and systems by ECUs has become significantly more complex. The R35 type GT-R is a car that has a particularly strong tendency to do so. However, further tuning is possible. But is it really necessary to increase the power that much? We don't think so.

The engine and power system, which originally generate intense power, are basically left untouched, and the output characteristics are adjusted using the exhaust muffler. We are focusing on tuning that brings out the hidden performance of the GT-R by focusing on the Tommykaira style suspension settings.
Tommykaira Policy
The logo mark designed in various places is a proof of Tommykaira car. They are also scattered throughout the revived "Tommykaira R -Concept-". In particular, the simple "R" emblem made of cloisonne tells us that this GT-R is the legitimate successor to the successive "Tommykaira R."


Parts List

● Front Bumper
● Fender Kit
● Under Diffuser
● Variable Wing
● Rear Bumper
● Quarter panel
● Muffler Cutter

● Tommykaira Emblem
● R Emblem
● Mascot Emblem
Full length adjustable coilover/adjustable pillow upper mount
Note: This is what is listed on their website. I have a feeling they've made a mistake...
● Front 8.0J×18+35
● Rear 7.5J×18+48
● Front 215/35R18
● Rear 225/35R18


2018 Tokyo Auto Show

This car was first displayed at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Show.


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