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  • [ Nismo Z-Tune ] R34-Z-? #4 JW0 Millennium Jade M-Spec nur base

    Photos sent to us by Howard Hung-jr Fang

    M-Spec Nür base car. We have not been able to confirm that car is Z-Tune. However, GT-R Magazine have made mention of the existence of a Nür base Z-Tune, several people online have made mention of seeing the car in person. From a visual point of view, every single detail seems to indicate this is a genuine numbered Z-Tune. As such we have decided to include this car on our list as we believe it is a genuine Z-Tune. It's possible the car is in or near Osaka, Japan.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	80665768_1486912744797476_4138794386672582656_n.jpg
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ID:	8905

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Name:	79877042_1486912784797472_3306409242008748032_n.jpg
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ID:	8904

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Name:	79752244_1486912721464145_3634649501970464768_n.jpg
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ID:	8901

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Name:	80698615_1486912788130805_4248646163906953216_n.jpg
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ID:	8903

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Name:	80076577_1486912728130811_6415704911337488384_n.jpg
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ID:	8902

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    This look so good in Millenium Jade!