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  • BNR32-221613R JGTCC-GT1 by Hasemi Motorsport

    Listed for auction 2023.

    From the listing

    Built by Hasemi Motorsport in partnership with NISMO for the 1994 Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTCC-GT1)
    A race-winning entry driven by Japanese motorsports legend Masahiro Hasemi to 2nd overall in that season’s drivers’ championship
    Also claimed victory at the inaugural 1994 24 Hours of Tokachi; the only R32 Skyline to win a domestic 24-Hour endurance race
    Benefitted from 26 years of single Japanese ownership; acquired by the consignor in 2022
    Retains its works-built RB26DETT engine and Xtrac six-speed sequential transmission
    Wonderfully preserved and presented in its 1994 racing specification
    Among the most famous and recognisable JGTCC cars in existence

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Name:	f70e770cef5aed0704303ca045eb8a5ef0a47fcf.jpg
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