Important - Please reference GTR-Registry.com when using numbers from this website. Thank you.

More photos and to enquire
For Sale:

R35 GT-R SpecV LHD Euro.
Year: 2010 MY11
Colour: KH3 Black
Location: Croatia
25k in recent upgrades now completed!
Priced at 100k Euro.
Ultra rare SpecV, #10/24 for Europe.

More photos and to enquire
For Sale:

R34 GT-R V-Spec Active Red
UK Delivered #22/81
£25000 recent complete restoration
Full service history
1 previous owner

Priced at £149,995

More photos and to bid
Current Live Auction:

Ends on: Dec 06 at 01:45pm MST

Located in Alberta, Canada.
15,600 km with matching export and auction documents
Repainted in KH6 Pearl White
No history of accidents or repair

GTR-Registry.com » Updates



2021-01-04 by Mark
We have added pages for the recently announced Nismo Restored Car! Check out the R32 page, R33 page and R34 pages. We've also made heaps of other small changes to plenty of pages since last news update so take a good look around the website.

2020-05-23 by Mark
GTR-Registry.com is proud to announce the release of sister website LFA-Registry.com! Not surprisingly, this is all about the Lexus LFA. We recently discovered the true number of Nurburgring Package LFAs (not the quoted 50) and destination country information, which was not previously known.

2020-01-07 by Mark
GTR-Registry.com is proud to announce the release of our Nismo Portal! This new portal is the central point for everything Nismo related on our website. We have added 18 new pages of every Nismo RB26DETT engine (fitted to road cars!). There's also new pages for R32, R33 and R34 heritage parts and other services offered by Nismo. This adds to our existing 38 pages of Nismo content!

We've also continued to add a vast amount of new content, new includes: R35 GT-R Police vehicles, R33 GT-R police vehicles, R35 Nismo GT3, and a page for all R35 GT-Rs from around the world.

Data updates include the series 2 and series 3 R32 GT-R brochures, and a lot of pricing throughout the website for cars when they were new.

2019-10-15 by Mark
Recently our forum software was hacked due to a zero-day bug in the software, which resulted in us having to take the website down to resolve the issues. We have now resolved everything and we are back to 100%! Big thanks to Justin and Brendon for their assistance as this was quite technical and a lot of work. We're continuing to work very hard to provide new content and updates, so be sure to check back soon, or follow us on FaceBook for our updates.

2019-08-28 by Mark
Despite the front page not being updated for a long time, we've been working extremely hard on lots and lots of new pages and page updates. In order of page creations, we've added pages for the R32 Clubman Race Spec, R33 Clubman Race Spec, R34 Clubman Race Spec (and a page on how much this beast costs), R35 Clubman Race Spec, R35 50th Anniversary, new split pages for the MY15-16 Nismo, MY17-19 Nismo and MY20 Nismo. There's a new page on R34 GT-R police vehicles, R35 Club Sports Package, R35 Club Track Edition, R34 GT-R MotoRex vehicles, R35 GT-R Nismo RC, R35 2017 Suspension Version Up, R35 Sports Resetting (and Sports Resetting for GT-R Nismo), and R35 Version Up. We now have a page on the Nismo S1 VR38DETT engine, Chassis refresh and other Nismo services, and new pages for the MY15-16 N-Attack Package, MY17-19 N-Attack Package and new and updated pages for the MY13-15 Track, MY16 Track, MY17-19 Track and MY20 Track.

We've also done a heap of updates to other pages such as the R32 GT-R (Australia), R33 LM Limited, R33 N1 , R33 GT-R, R32 GT-R, R32 GT-R Nismo, and others that I can't even remember. Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way.

2019-03-30 by Mark
Tons of changes since the last update. New page for the R34 Nismo F-Sport and Clubman Race Spec. Also for the R34 GT-R I've made individual pages for the non JDM cars which are New ZealandHong Kong and Singapore (no change to the Great Britain page). I've made a small change to the R33 GT-R V-Spec Great Britain page to fix a previous error I wasn't aware of. As such the BCNR33 and R33 production numbers pages have changed slightly.

For Non Skyline/GT-R pages, I've released the RS13 data (RS13KRS13RPS13KRPS13) and also released some information on other JDM heroes, and the Series 8 Mazda RX-7 (also pages for the Spirit-RType RZ, and Type R Bathurst).

2019-02-09 by Mark
Added in data for the S14 Silvia and 200SX. There's a page for the S14 (Japan), CS14 (Japan) and 200SX in Australia. There's also Special Model pages for the Nismo 270R and the Autech Version K's MF-T. Please note that currently it's not possible for me to 100% accurately identify all of the S14 types (there's a lot) so the S14 page does not have production number table. See the page for more info. The CS14 and 200SX pages are complete. I've also added small pages for the original 3 versions of the GT-R, the PGC10, the KPGC10 and the KPGC110.

2019-01-27 by Mark
A lot of new pages and information added in the past few weeks. Data release for the 350Z Coupe (USA & Canada) and 350Z Roadster (USA & Canada), a total of 173,849 new records! For the R35, I've made new pages for the GT-R50 by Italdesign, the Naomi Osaka Commemoration Model and the 'Predzilla', a one off auction car for USA. All these pages have a Japanese version available. For the R34, I've add a small page dedicated to Nismo Sports Resetting. I also added a new Nismo Catalog. I've made a minor adjustment to the R32 Autech Version and HNR32 pages due to new information becoming available. Lastly I added a pages for the Silvia S14 Nismo 270R and Fairlady Z Z33 Nismo 380RS! More updates to come soon.

2019-01-08 by Mark
Data release for the USA and Canada 300ZX Z32! A total of 92,066 records of USA and Canada 300ZX have been added, to go with the existing European/UK and Australia data. Also made a page for the R34 GT-R Nismo R-Tune.

2018-12-27 by Mark
Made a new page for the R34 GT-R Nismo S-Tune. Added the HR31 data.

2018-12-20 by Mark
Added new a lot of new R35 data, 2,732 cars to be exact. 922 for Japan, 728 cars added to USA/Canada, 769 to Europe/UK/Russia/SE Asia, 136 to Middle East/Taiwan, 102 for China/Asia LHD and 75 to Taiwan. There are now 1226 Nismos and 728 Track Edition. This finishes MY17 except for Australia and New Zealand. I've updated the Production Numbers and VIN Ranges pages as well, plus updated all of the Japanese pages too. There is now 1018 MY18 records.

2018-10-07 by Mark
Added new R35 data. 230 cars added to USA/Canada (including 20 Nismo and 10 Track), 203 to Europe/UK/Russia/SE Asia (including our first MY18 R35, 17 Nismo and 14 Track), 18 to Middle East and 1 to Taiwan.

2018-03-19 by Mark
Minor redesign has been completed. A major portion of the site has been fully converted to Japanese.

2017-11-28 by Mark
Data released for the Nissan Silvia JDM S13! I've now added 165,932 S13 CA18 2WS, 24,492 KS13 CA18 4WS, 100,129 PS13 SR20 2WS and 12,209 KPS13 SR20 4WS cars, for a total of 302,761 JDM S13 Silvias. The overall colour breakdowns can be found here. 4 colours (4J1, 4J2, 6G1, TK3) were only used once, and 5G9 twice. There are 29,179 confirmed SR20DET S13 Silvias, with 25 records with no data. There are 2 Q's Club prototypes with CA18DE engines. There's a single AH3 K's SR20DET car. 3,068 Almighty were built.

The rarest option is not surprisingly the Kagoshima Specification (Volcanic Ash Countermeasure Options - Exterior Chrome Coating Moldings + Larger Washer Reservoir Size + Larger Wipers). There was only 14 S13 Silvias with this option. Readers of my FaceBook page might remember that there wasn't a single R32 with this option, despite being available.

2017-10-23 by Mark
Data released for the Nissan Silvia and Nissan 200SX S15! This should cover every S15 ever built, which I believe is 43097 cars - 38741 for Japan, 3879 for Australia and 477 for New Zealand. Also discovered is the number of Autech Version (1875) and Autech Style A (54). The rarest S15 colour is 326 White. Be sure to check out the complete build numbers here.

2017-10-02 by Mark
New data updated for Japan, USA, Canada, Europe LHD, UK RHD, Russia, SE Asia/South Africa and Indian R35s! 2,621 new records added up to 2017-01. As such I've updated the following pages, Japan (917 added), USA/Canada (645 added), Europe/UK/Russia/India/SE Asia/South Africa (979 added), Middle East (73 added) and Taiwan (7 added), Nismo (197 added), Track (90 added). 

2017-08-20 by Mark
New data updated to Australia & New Zealand R35s! 236 new records added up to 2016-08. This completes the Australian and New Zealand R35s up to the end of MY16, only leaving a handful of cars in Korea and China that now don't have MY17 records. This includes the first 7 Nismos here, of which I've managed to upload photos of 6. As such I've updated the following pages, Australia and New Zealand (236 added), Build Numbers, Production Dates, Nismo (7 added), Track (4 added), 45th Anniversary (4 added). 45th Anniversary is probably complete now, with a total of 79 built. 

2017-08-09 by Mark
GTR-Registry.com has recently moved to new hosting courtesy of Justin from NismoR34GTR and Assured I.T. What this means is that now the VIN tables will load MUCH faster than with the previous hosting. Massive thank you to Justin who has spent a lot of his time and resources to help improve the site which everyone who uses the website will be able to notice.

2017-07-24 by Mark
Introducing GTIR-Registry.com & GTIR-Registry.com (Fb page) - the complete database and information portal for the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R. This site is run by Shalom Baker of GTIROZ.net who put all of this information together. GTR-Registry.com is proud to host the complete production information database for all of these cars at /en-pulsar-gtir.php. Like the GT-R databases, any owner of a GTI-R can add photos and information about their car to GTIR-Registry.com and it will show up in the VIN table.

2017-06-22 by Mark
Added 394 new records, updated 267 model codes to the R35 GT-R USA/Canada/Guam table; 501 updated records to the Japan R35 GT-R table; 567 updated model codes for Europe/UK/Russia/SE Asia; 104 new records for Middle East and 20 new records for Taiwan. This should conclude to the end of MY16 (pre MY17 facelift) for all of those tables above. As such I have also updated the R35 GT-R Nismo page (574 worldwide MY15+MY16). The Build #s page has also been updated for the R35 GT-R.

Updated R34 GT-R V-Spec Great Britain Edition page with some interesting information about the prototypes of these cars, with information provided by Richard Wardle and Andy Middlehurst. Created some new pages for magazine articles, which I have added a few so far (R32, R34). Like the GTR-Registry.com Facebook page for updates when more are added - many more to come! Magazine scans/photos provided by Terry Tung-Yep, Mark Newton and Richard Wardle.

2017-05-14 by Mark
Big updates to the R35 Data. I have updated the data up to end of MY15 for USA, UK RHD and Europe LHD/Russia. I've added new data for Europe LHD/Russia up to 2016-06. I've also done a complete rewrite of all of the Europe/UK/Russia/South Africa data from scratch so it should be a little easier fo find things now (hopefully). New Nismos have been added (now records of 585!).

Also added a new page - R35 GT-R Track Edition (records of 474 so far). However I will work on this page later to include more details about the changes that were done for these cars. I also made a quick page for the Australian delivered (ADM) S15 200SX (Silvia) however no space left up the top. I'll hopefully be improving the design in the next few months.

2017-04-17 by Mark
Added 269 new records to the R35 GT-R USA/Canada/Guam table and 499 new records to the Japan R35 GT-R table. This data also includes the first MY17 data on the website! As such I have also updated the R35 GT-R Nismo page (117/118 MY16 for North America and 197 MY16 for Japan added). The Build #s page has also been updated for the R35 GT-R.

2017-04-15 by Mark
Finished updating all of the English language pages on the website with the updated layout. Made some big improvements to the Nismo Z-Tune page. I also added some new non GTR/Skyline cars lately, take a look at the Nissan Figaro page (discovered 20073 built, number of cars made in each colour and 2 new colours previously unknown to the Figaro community). Next I also took at a look at the Subaru WRX STi 22B. Although it is widely regarded that there was only 424 built, I found records of 430 22Bs produced.

2017-03-17 by Mark
Every R35 page has been updated with an updated layout which I will continue to roll out across the rest of the site. I've also made significant improvements in the colours breakdowns of all of the main regions to make it much easier to find out how many of each colour and type were made so check out the R35 GTR Build #s page.

I've added in some more Special Models pages since last update - The R33 GTR V-Spec Great Britain version (100+3 produced), R32 GTR V-Spec (1396 produced) and R32 GTR V-Spec II (1306 produced). There is also new brochures for the R33 and the R32 V-Spec on their respective pages.

2017-03-05 by Mark
More new Special models pages have been added since the last update. On the GTR front I have added in a R32 GTR Nismo (560 made) page. Some more Nismo pages are the R31 GTS Nismo (606 made) and R31 Nismo Selection (865) pages. The final new R31 page is for the GTS Autech (201 made). Another Autech car is the R32 Autech Skyline26 (191 made).

On the non Skyline front, I've added up some pages for the Stagea 260RS (1734 made), Pulsar VR-Z N1 (264) [All Pulsar JN15] and Lexus LFA (all colours discovered for the first time). All of these numbers made (except for the R32 GTR Nismo) were discovered by GTR-Registry.com

2017-01-23 by Mark
Some new pages have been added over the past few weeks. The newest is the R34 GTR V-Spec II Nür (718 produced) and M-Spec Nür (285 - a total of 1003 produced) page. Others include the R34 GTR Midnight Purple 2 (346+) and R34 GTR Midnight Purple 3 pages. In the R33 range I've added a Autech 4 door sedan (416 producted) page.

2016-12-31 by Mark
Introducing the R33 GTR + V-Spec LM page. This page looks at the 188 R33 LM produced. Another 3 new pages are the R32 GTR N1 + V-Spec N1 + V-Spec II N1 (245); the R33 V-Spec N1 (86*) and the R34 V-Spec N1 + V-Spec II N1 (56*) which look at all of the known N1s in existance. *Not all N1s are known because some of these were produced in the pre-production ranges where not all data is available. Rear more here.

2016-12-27 by Mark
Announcing the release of the entire R32 Catalog, covering HCR32 Series 1, HCR32 Series 2 (split due to the large number of cars), HNR32, ECR32, ER32, HR32 and FR32, to go with the existing and updated BNR32! Read more here.

2016-12-22 by Mark
Introducing the R33 Nismo 400R page. Thanks to those who contributed. GT-Registry.com is looking for 400Rs (with proof of 400R-0## number) to add to the site. If you can help, please contact me. Be sure to like our FaceBook page to get all of the latest updates.

2016-12-18 by Mark
Completely updated and reworked pages of the R34 JGTC and R34 Super Taikyu N1 cars have been created. Check them out to find out more about the R34s racing heritage.

2016-12-17 by Mark
I have added a new special model of R35 GTR - The Usain Bolt Edition cars of which there are 3 painted in a special gold colour for Usain Bolt. These are Usain Bolt's personal car, the car used to advertise the charity auction, and the auction winner from Australia's car which was built after the auction.

2016-11-30 by Mark
I have added a new special model of R35 GTR - The Gentleman Edition which was originally limited to 10 KAD cars with Amber Red interior and were only offered for sale in France and Belgium. They were individually numbered, although it doesn't appear that number is based on VIN sequence. Afterwards these options were later made available on special order, and is now for general availability in the MY17 range.

2016-11-26 by Mark
GTR-Registry.com is proud to announce the release of the VIN list of HR31 Nissan Skyline GTS-R. For the past 29 years it's been thought that there was 800 built, now we know there are 823 including 4 prototypes.

2016-11-05 by Mark
GTR-Registry.com is proud to announce the release of the entire R33 catalog, covering ECR33, ENR33, ER33 and HR33, to go with the existing BCNR33 data. This is a total of 180,766 cars in the R33 range, of which we have records of 180,498 which is 99.85%. You can find a breakdown of all of the colours and build numbers here and the production dates here. Please note: There may be some minor changes (particularly in the ECR33 GTS25t Type M numbers) coming in the future as I don't fully understand why certain vehicles have model codes the way they do.

I would like to also acknowledge and thank several people in particular as the website would not have been possible without them:
Steve: Database construction and maintenance; Kristian at Iron Chef Imports: Tons of translations and advice; Brendon: Original website and database design.

Additionally I'd like to thank Steve Rand for his valuable time and knowledge in helping with the R33 data.

About GTR-Registry.com: GTR-Registry.com is the worlds leading source of Nissan Skyline, Nissan GTR and Nissan Stagea production information, which has led to the discovery of the true build numbers of many different versions which were previously inaccurate. The website currently stores the records of 514,761 cars. When using numbers or information obtained from the site please reference GTR-Registry.com.

2016-09-30 by Mark
Lots more R35 updates. USA/Canada, Europe/UK/Russia/South Africa updated to 2015-06, Middle East updated to 2015-04, SE Asia to 2015-01 and China to 2014-10. 2571 new R35s added for a total of 30,857 R35 GTR now documented.

This means I've been able to create the R35 GTR Nismo page and the 45th Anniversary page. Another discovery - the press release says 45 units worldwide but I'm up to 75 + 3 with more possible.

2016-09-17 by Mark
Lots of updates to R35 pages - All regions except AUS/NZL updated from 2013-04 to 2014-02 and Japan updated from 2013-02 to 2015-04. Thanks to ImportMonster for the help in obtaining this new data. Added in pages for Middle East, SE Asia, Korea, Taiwan and China. Also made pages for SpecV, Egoist + VVIP and Midnight Opal SE. Updated the Colours and Production pages to give you an estimate of the rarity of each colour / manufacture date. Made a discovery in the Midnight Opal SE data - Nissan's press release stated that production would be limited to 100 units, however I've found 115 of these cars.

2016-08-28 by Mark
BNR34 Specifications page created. Over 150 photos added.

2016-08-11 by Mark
Announcing the release of the Nissan R35 GTR Catalog! Read more here

2016-07-19 by Mark

Announcing the release of the R34 Catalog! Read more here

I hope you guys find this information useful. I would like to also acknowledge the help of several people in particular as this project would not have been possible without them:
Steve: Database construction; Kristian at Iron Chef Imports: Tons of translations and advice; Brendon: Original website and database design

About GTR-Registry.com: GTR-Registry.com is the world's leading source of Nissan Skyline GTR and Nissan Stagea production information, which has led to the discovery of the true build numbers of many different versions which were previously inaccurate. The website currently stores the records of 319,845 cars. When using numbers or information obtained from the site please reference GTR-Registry.com.

2016-07-15 by Mark

Announcing the release of the Japanese version of the Stagea collection.

2016-07-02 by Mark

GTR-Registry.com is proud to announce the release of the entire Nissan Stagea Collection! (Read more here). This release covers both the C34 (WGC34, WGNC34, WHC34) and M35 (M35, HM35, NM35, PM35, PNM35) Stageas consisting of 191,967 cars! 

Links are located above. I hope you guys find this information useful, as I have spent literally months obtaining and putting it all together. I would like to also acknowledge the help of several people in particular as this project would not have been possible without them:
Steve: Database construction; Kristian at Iron Chef Imports: Tons of translations and advice; Brendon: Original website and database design

2016-06-28 by Mark

GTR-Registry.com is proud to announce the expansion of the "Registry" aspect of the website. Some of you will have seen that not only are there readers rides cars being added to the Registry (be sure to check them out), I have also added a whole bunch of cars in the R32, R33, R34 range.

At the moment I have been limiting the uploads to:
R34 - M-Spec, N1s, nur, midnight purple 2/3, and anything else that is rare.
R33 - N1.
R32 - N1.

Many of these came from auction results from the last couple of years. I've also been fortunate to have received many donations, from 2 people in particular. Jamie Noyz provided many of the midnight purple 3 cars, and some others, and an anonymous donor provided most of the N1 cars you will see on the site. Thanks very much to them.

I'm now seeking photos for other cars that fit the criteria above (in the future I will add in more but I don't want to get too flooded at the moment).
To help submit photos, please make sure it meets any of the following criteria:
a) You own the car.
b) It was advertised for sale with the VIN available.
c) The VIN was clearly displayed in an article (sample) or it was previously made public (ie in build threads, registry threads etc).

Please try and provide a source, if possible/available. If you wish to remain anonymous be sure to let me know.

To let me know, either reply here, message me, tag me, etc and I will take it from there. Lastly, if anyone knows any sites with historical records (webpage/facebook page etc) of auctions please let me know.

PS: Like my FaceBook Page for lots more updates on GTR-Registry.com and GTRs if you haven't already!

2016-05-06 by Mark

Current Feature Car: 1337sinalco's rare BL0 Greyish Blue Pearl R32 GTR.

About the Registry 

3x R32 GTR (13 total) added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table.
2x R33 GTR (6 total) added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table.
1x R34 GTR (8 total) added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table.

2016-04-26 by Mark

Announcing the release of the Japanese version of the website!

Changed the URL structure of almost all of the pages.

2016-04-19 by Mark

Feature Car of the Week: Sean Morris from USA's R32 GTR Nismo BNR32-100007.

Announcing the release of the German version of the website! Massive thanks to andreasgtr for all of the translations.

Changed BNR34-000092 from V-Spec N1 to V-Spec. Adjusted Colours page.

Changed BNR32-000082 from Unknown paint colour to 732. Adjusted Colours page.

About the Registry 

1x R32 GTR (10 total) added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table. 

2016-04-12 by Mark

Feature Car of the Week: Sully from UK's ultra rare R33 Nismo 400R #40.

About the Registry 

2x R33 GTR (4 total) added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table.
6x R32 GTR (9 total) added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table (including 3 NISMO GTR versions). 

2016-04-05 by Mark

Feature Car of the Week: Itchigo from Norway's mint condition QM1 White R34 GTR is this week's Feature Car of the Week.

About the Registry - Click the Registry link to view GTRs or add your own! Change Pic to Yes in the VIN table to view links to cars straight from the main VIN page.

Updated and reworked the Contact & FAQ page.

Added back the Change Log page for historical reasons.

Updated R34 GTR Colours page to show 39 known V-Spec N1s. Number of Unknown R34 GTR cars reducded from 22 to 21.

Added in various links and other small changes.

2x R34 GTR added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table.
2x R33 GTR added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table.
1x R32 GTR added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table. 

2016-03-30 by Mark

Updated fog lamps to projector everywhere across site for R32 GTR.

In R34 GTR VIN table; changed V-Spec to V-Spec N1 thanks to the information provided by Sean Morris about his BNR34-000092 Ex-Altia Super Taikyu race car. Actually I always wondered if this was an N1 as it has a very interesting model code - GGJPRWYR34ZDA-BNBD. This is the only car with - for 14th digit that isn't --L-- or --1--. Thanks very much to Sean for providing these extremely useful information

In R34 GTR VIN table; removed Super Taikyu N1 option and reverted back to V-Spec N1. Adjusted the count to 39 known V-Spec N1.

Added Z-Tune #14. Thanks to Raj MrFijiGold for the photos and info.

Z-Tune registry

6 cars + 1 prototype + 2 with unknown numbers (uk, midnight purple).

2x R34 GTR added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table.
2x R32 GTR added by readers to Registry now updated in VIN table. 

2016-03-29 by Mark

Announcing the release of R32 and R33 GTR data.

Major contributors who also helped with this project: Steve (database, website), Brendon (database, website), Cam (model code explanations, huge amount of other useful info and contributions), Kristian @ Iron Chef imports (translations, huge amount of other useful info and contributions).

Feature Car of the Week: Not only is essay the first person to add their car to the registry, it is a rather special Targa Tasmania overall winning V-Spec II N1 #5!

2016-02-27 by Mark

Updated R34 GTR Colours page with all of the dealer brochure books colour charts (scroll to bottom). Big thanks to Rajeel (MrFijiGold).

Updated information on 2 previously missing R34 GTR VINs - BNR34-000073 and BNR34-000063. I've added a new R34 GTR type - Super Taikyu N1 - as these are both race cars (in fact most of the missing VINs are race cars. Also updated information in the FAQ & Feedback section about these. I've decided against listing colours for these - they were pulled off the production line before being painted and have since undergone numerous paint jobs. Big thanks to Tyson of Speed Lab who previously owned ex-FALKEN Super Taikyu N1 #2/12. Tyson has also sent in a wealth of information and pictures of all types of R34 GTR race cars which I'll endeavour to get on the website in the future.

I have confirmed the GGJPRWYR34ZDAYHN6Z cars are indeed from Hong Kong as expected. Firstly etang789 confirmed that 1 of them was in Hong Kong. Next Matt confirmed another one is in HK, and was able to let me know they have 17 digit VIN like the NZ ones (thanks to canman for confirming the NZ cars), and the only modifications were a 2DIN stereo and English manual. I'm hoping to add photos in the future. As such I have relabelled all Hong Kong VINs to their 17 digit version and I have also done the same with the Singapore cars, although I do not have confirmation of this just yet (but it would make sense).

Added in information of Nismo R-Tune #001 (BNR34-003341). Thanks to greek r34.

Modified the table code so the VIN page loads about 30% faster. Currently working on making it load MUCH faster but will take a while. Thanks Steve.

2016-02-20 by Mark

Added in new sections for New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong factory delivered cars. Renamed UK GTR to GB V-Spec.

Added in info on Nismo Clubman (BNR34-000224).

2016-02-17 by Mark

Added VINs of Interest section to the bottom of VIN page.

I may have discovered the meaning and origins of the 'incumbent' vehicles. Thanks to Cam and Tessa for the information which helped lead to these ideas. Read more in this thread.

2016-02-14 by Mark

Updated about 30 R34 GTR model codes which were slightly incorrect. 

2016-02-03 by Mark

Completed UK GTR details. Many thanks to Ben from gtr.co.uk for assisting in obtaining this data.

Added in BNR34-000081, 1 of the 23 unknown pre-production vehicles. Now 22 remain.

2016-02-03 by Mark

Added in UK GTRs to the main VIN database, colours and production pages. It seems most likely these 80 GTRs were built in addition to the regular Japanese R34 GTRs. This information was sourced from gtr.co.uk and reused with permission of K66 SKY. Big thank you for this information.

2016-02-01 by Mark

Massive thank you to "Brad" and IronChef" for help in filling in the missing VIN which I mistakenly assumed were R34 GTR that were not built. The reason for this occuring is that these VINs did not appear in my 2 original sources of data. Brad and IronChef have lead me to a new source which has produced these results. I will incorporate them in to the main database in the next day or 2 and update all numbers. There is now no longer any 'missing' VINs. Please see the bottom of the FAQ & Feedback section for a quick list.

2016-01-31 by Mark

Site launched.

2016-01-16 - 2016-01-31 by Mark

Website creation and modifications.

2015-12-27 - 2016-01-31 by Mark

Data collection.