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For Sale:

1990 R32 GT-R by PHAZE Imports

Beautiful condition and only 118k km (73k miles)

Accident and rust free

Location: Warwickshire, England

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For Sale:

R33 GT-R Autech Version 40th Anniversary 4 door sedan #172/416!

In fantastic original condition

Price Lowered!

Location: Sydney, Australia

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For Sale:

R35 GT-R SpecV LHD Euro.
Year: 2010 MY11
Colour: KH3 Black
Location: Croatia
25k in recent upgrades now completed!
NEW PRICE - only 85k Euro!
Ultra rare SpecV, #10/24 for Europe.

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Nismo Nür Sport RB26DETT エンジン

エンジン | 写真 | ウェブサイト

Fitted to: Customer Cars (VスペックⅡ ニュル、Mスペック ニュル only)



The Nür Sport engine is an entry level tuning option for owners of V-Spec II nür and M-Spec nür.
エンジン型式 RB26DETT
Nür Sport仕様
総排気量 2,568 cc
最大出力 ~400 ps/6,800 rpm
最大トルク 不明
Other parts: カムシャフト
価格: Approx 300,000 - 400,000 円.