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日産・スカイライン R32 GT-R 概念 + プロトタイプ 情報「Concept and Pre-Production Information」

概念 写真 | Credits

This page documents R32 GT-R concept and pre-production information. The images are sourced from Motor Fan — VOL.71 magazine. Unfortunately nearly all of the information in the magazine is related to the non GT-R R32.


概念 写真

These are original concept drawings of the R32 GT-R.

Items to note:
- Different front designs.
- Different wheel designs.
- Different rear designs.
- Bonnet scoop.
- Extended boot.
- Different front indicator designs
- Wing part of body



The images on this page are from Motor Fan — VOL.71 magazine.
Kindly provided to us by Алексей Бекетов @vergil.beketov