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日産・スカイライン R32 GT-R N1 + Vスペック N1 + VスペックII N1「N1 + V・Spec N1 + V・SpecII N1」

専用装備 | モデルナンバープレート
GT-R N1 118
Vスペック N1 64
VスペックII N1 63
累計 245
    シャシ#モデルコード    メーカーオプション
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    シャシ#モデルコード車種年-月 メーカーオプション



The following information is provided by Lucas Davidson who has spent countless hours comparing many N1s to discover what changes were made to N1 cars as compared to regular cars. He says,

"The exact specs of R32 N1s are very hard to lock down with 100% confidence. There is almost no real Nissan data or marketing information for them. Within our Nissan Skyline GTR N1 Owners club, we have thoroughly compared all of our cars to try and come to some kind of worthwhile conclusions based on everything that our actual cars have. The changes from standard BNR32 GTRs that we can 100% confirm are as follows.

- Nismo Bumper Vents
- Nismo Bonnet Lip
- No intercooler Mesh
- All paint code 326, with super thin coat of paint
- N1 Engine (NOT STAMPED 24U for R32s).
- Large steel wheeled N1 turbos
- No ABS
- No Stereo or stereo controls on dash surround
- No AC, although could be optioned in
- No rear wiper
- Non cross drilled brake rotors.

It is a very common misconception that R32 N1s had 24U engines. We believe this to be wrong. We believe that instead they most likely had hand built and balance engines. The exact details are not really known.

Whether or not R32s had N1 oil pumps or water pumps is also questionable. Another widely accepted fact that is completely incorrect, are 'N1' body kits. There really is no such thing as an N1 body kit. Nissan used the R32 Nismo to homologate aero modifications for Group A racing. Nismos had bonnet lips, bumper vents, 3 piece side skirts and back boot lips. N1s came standard with Nismo Bumper vents and Nismo bonnet lips. However, N1s did not come as standard with Nismo 3 piece side skirts or back boot lips. They should not be referred to as N1, they are Nismo options. However, in saying all of that, quite a few N1s were optioned with the Nismo 3 piece side skirts and the Nismo back boot lips."



VIN plates provided by Terry Tung-Yep, Lucas Davidson and Raki Fife.