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For Sale:

1990 R32 GT-R by PHAZE Imports

Beautiful condition and only 118k km (73k miles)

Accident and rust free

Location: Warwickshire, England

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For Sale:

R33 GT-R Autech Version 40th Anniversary 4 door sedan #172/416!

In fantastic original condition

Price Lowered!

Location: Sydney, Australia

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For Sale:

R35 GT-R SpecV LHD Euro.
Year: 2010 MY11
Colour: KH3 Black
Location: Croatia
25k in recent upgrades now completed!
NEW PRICE - only 85k Euro!
Ultra rare SpecV, #10/24 for Europe.

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日産・スカイライン R34 GT-R Vスペック「V-Spec」

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See Also: BNR34 仕様概要
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Vスペック 61 44 522 514 227 282 132 1222 1190 19* 4194+
* 19 cars have no records that may be GT-R (Series 1), V-Spec or V-Spec N1
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マルチファンクションディスプレイ 5.8インチワイド液晶モニター+車両状況表示機能 : 9 items (standard 7 items)

GT-R V・spec専用ハードチューニングサスペンション (ground clearance reduced 15 mm)

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