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Search Help


If you cannot find a specific car:

To search for a specific car there is a couple of different things to check.

Firstly, try searching just the last 6 digits of the VIN. The VIN (or chassis number) is the number on the blue* VIN plate located on the driver's side of the firewall in the engine bay. 
* Series 2 R34s will have either a silver VIN plate, or a gold VIN plate for a nur version.

The VIN must be entered as either BNR34-000051 or try searching 000051. The search will not work if you search BNR34000051.

Aussies: The search will not work if you are searching for the Australian Giverment applied VIN! Do not search 6U9000BNR34000051!

Secondly, you need to make sure you are searching the correct VIN table. To search for a R34 GT-R, you need to be searching in the BNR34 table. After a R32 GTS-T? That's in the HCR32 table - there are 2 different tables depending on the VIN, due to the very large number of HCR32 cars. Try heading back to the main menu and follow the correct path to the correct VIN table.

If you still can't find something, or you believe the information on your VIN plate is different to what is on our website, try sending us a message on Facebook.