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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Nismo Z-Tune

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Official Images




Since the introduction of the R32 model in 1989 succeeded by R33 and R34, the Second-generation Skyline GT-R has achieved numerous victories in racing scenes over the past 15 years. The advanced mechanism that was materialized by the combination of RB26DETT engine and ATTESA E-TS, has continued to lead its dominate the scene, achieved many victories, and attracted many GT-R fans.

Race vehicles, such as the Gr-A, N1, GT500, and the "Nürburgring specification," were developed based on the R34, which can be said to be the completed form of the 2nd-generation Skyline GT-R, and NISMO, who kept dominant in racing scenes, has unsparingly utilized the technology and know-how it has accumulated over those 15 years. The complete car, created based on the themes "the strongest road-going car in the world" and "Top of GT-R," is the NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune.

The basic concept for the NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune was finalized in 2000, and the vehicle made a splashy debut at the NISMO Festival. At that time, the vehicle was entered into a competition called the "Tuners' Battle," and it was victorious through its use of a maximum power of 600 ps.
This prototype machine, which focused on providing complete driving performance, undertook a new challenge in the following year. The challenge was to add comfort as a road-going model. In addition to an authentic leather interior, air-conditioning, and a catalyst, the engine was also changed from the Z1 to Z2. Development trials and tests have already been completed for this prototype machine to mature the vehicle. In 2003, it was finally taken to the revered Nürburgring. Furthermore, the engine was used in the Nürburgring 24-Hour Endurance Race, where it proved itself, and in the 2004 race it won in its class and the overall 5th position. In addition, various unit parts continue to be employed and improved in a variety of applications, and in that year they reached perfection by winning the Tuners' Battle.
And this year, as NISMO celebrates its 20th anniversary, this car will be made available to just 20 customers.

The high-level specifications are produced from the same handmade manufacturing process used for racing cars.
The NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune, a complete car, created based on an approved car that was carefully selected by NISMO. A vehicle with a mileage of less than 30,000 km that meets all the requirements, including those for body condition, has the parts that will be modified removed, the body reinforced, and other work performed before it is painted and reassembled. All of the work, from engine production to vehicle assembly, is performed by expert mechanics using the same handmade craftsmanship to race cars to achieve a level of accuracy and specifications that is unachievable in mass-produced vehicles. 



The heart of the NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune that exhibits such dominating power performance is the RB 26DETT Modified Z2 engine.

To achieve an engine that generates high power/torque of more than 368 kw (500 ps)/540 N/m (55 kg/m) and provide the high durability required of road-going cars, plenty amount of techniques and know-how that NISMO accumulated throughout the racing scenes, have been lavishly adopted into this Z2 engine, that some may even find the quality to be too much extreme for a road-going vehicle.

It is NISMO's qualified mechanics, who has spent many years developing and tuning race engines, who use these high-quality parts and breath life into the engine. The RB26DETT modified Z2, of course has been verified of its performance using cutting-edge equipment such as an engine dyno, and the skills of professional engineers and mechanics.

In addition, a serial number is applied to each of the 20 RB26DETT modified Z2 engines, and this will be used for data management in the future.

The camshaft is an important part that determines the engine performance and characteristics. The major issues facing the RB26DETT modified Z2 engine were balancing the opposing elements of high power and emissions reduction. NISMO resolved these main issues by thoroughly testing the cam profile, lift amount, and valve timing. The optimum values and shapes were used in combination with the selected engine compression ratio, turbocharger, exhaust system, and other components.
GT Engine Block
Since 2001, the 2.8L engine has been used for GT500 competition. It achieves both a 2.8L large bore (ø87 mm) and high boost while maintaining the block rigidity required of an N1 specification engine block with improved strength and rigidity. The engine block used in this Z2 too, is specially made to carry over this GT500 strength and rigidity.
GT Crankshaft
In addition to the GT engine block, a long-stroke crankshaft, which has proven its performance and durability in the GT500 engine and in races of various categories, such as Nürburgring 24-Hour Endurance Race, was used. In addition to achieving a standard ratio 4 mm up long stroke (77.7 mm), die forging and fillet roll machining were used achieve high durability.
To achieve the domineering engine performance and engine response of over 368 kw (500 ps)/540 N/m (55 kg/m) at a maximum boost pressure of 0.15 MPa (1.5 kg/cm) using a pistons specially forged for the RB26DETT modified Z2, special lightweight, highly rigid forged pistons with cooling channels were developed.
GT Connecting Rod
As with the GT crankshaft, the 121.5 mm dimension connecting rod has actually been used in the GT500 as well as in vehicles with specifications for the Nürburgring 24-Hour Endurance Race. It is made from SNCM439 to achieve both a light weight and high strength.
Intake Collector
The intake pipe length and diameter as well as the collector tank body cross-sectional shape were changed to improve the airflow to all cylinders and increase the intermediate speed torque.
A turbocharger made by IHI (though the specifications differ) that has proven itself in both the GT500 since 2001 and in the 2004 Nürburgring 24-Hour Endurance Race is used. Ball bearings are used in the bearings to suppress the drop in the response that is created by large turbochargers while achieving a commanding turbo feeling during high boost.
The catalyzer performance was improved and the pipe shape and diameter were optimized to effectively scrub and discharge the large volume of exhaust gas created by an expanded exhaust amount and high boost. The pipe is made of titanium (the front tube is made of stainless steel) to significantly reduce the weight.
Engine Machining

: Cylinder head
- Combustion chamber shape changed and volume adjusted
- Camshaft recess machining
- IN &EHX port corrected

: Engine block
- Boring and honing
- Oil gallery plug added

: Piston & connecting rod
- Weight matching (within 1 g)

: Crankshaft
- Dynamic balance

: Intake collector
- Uneven surface correction grinding

: Exhaust manifold
- Uneven surface correction grinding & stiffener processing
The core capacity was increased, the fin pitch and shape were changed, pressure loss was reduced, and cooling performance was improved.
The core capacity was increased, the fin pitch and shape were changed, pressure loss was reduced, and cooling performance was improved. In addition, aluminum was used to focus on cooling performance during high-speed driving and high engine speeds in particular.
Oil Cooler
Twin air-cooled oil coolers were installed on the front side to achieve a stable oil temperature during high-speed driving.



Body Shell "Lightweight and Rigid"
Spot welding was added to the door frame and CFRP molded parts were adhered to areas that are easily deformed by the heat of welding to create a tough body, which serves as the frame of the vehicle
Increased spot welding areas - Door frame

CFRP adhered areas - Front strut upper area, Hood reinforcement area, Center tunnel area
Special Z-tune Suspension made by SACHS
Special tuning for "Z-tune" based on a damper made by SACHS (vehicle height, attenuation force, 3-way adjustment type) and which has been proven in GT500 vehicles was used for the suspension, which has a major impact on handling performance. A wide range of driving conditions is supported by mounting S tires for high-speed driving on a closed circuit to mounting sports radials for street driving.

Damping force adjustable (3-stages), vehicle height adjustment (based on SACHS product)
- Spring constant: Front: 137N / mm (14kg.f / mm), Rear: 137N / mm (14kg.f / mm)
- Suspension link: Size changing part for changing geometry
- Suspension bushing: Increased rubber hardness and reduced friction
Special Z-tune Brakes Jointly Developed with Brembo
This brake system, which was developed for a target performance of 1.6 G when mounted with S tires, was jointly developed with Brembo. It features such parts as a mono-block 6-piston caliper (for the front), 2-piece front brake rotor with a Ø365 rotor system, and Ø355 mm one-piece rear brake rotor jointly developed with KIRYU. In addition, the ABS unit was specially tuned to further utilize the performance of these high-performance parts. The ATTESA ET-S and active L.S.D. were specially tuned to accompany the increase in engine power in order to make the torque distribution to the front more suitable and to improve the rear differential effectiveness, among other things, to stay true to the great handling of the base car Skyline GT-R (BNR34).

- Front: Mono-block 6-piston caliper made by Brembo. Ø365 mm 2-piece ventilated disc
- Rear: 4-piston caliper made by Brembo. Ø355 mm one-piece ventilated disc made by KIRYU
The tires are the only contact between the vehicle and the road surface, and the tires selected are made by Bridgestone, which has provided many years of support for NISMO' s racing activities. Maximum performance for the each type of driving can be obtained by mounting the POTENZA REO1R 265/35R18 for driving on public roads, and the newly developed POTENZA RE55S 265/35R18 for sports driving on closed circuits.

Alloy Wheel "GT500 Model"
The wheel used with this wide tire is a black LM GT4 "GT500 Model" lightweight forged aluminum wheel that was newly and jointly developed with RAYS, which, like Bridgestone, has been a partner in NISMO' s racing activities for many years. A wheel with the same rim shape and color as that used for GT500 race vehicles had the rim width and offset specially resized (18 x 9.5J OFF + 5) for "Z-tune." The pursuit of thorough driving performance was extended even to the wheel.
"Super Coppermix" Twin Plate Clutch
The clutch is one of the major components of the power train, and here the SUPER COPPERMIX TWIN, which was newly developed to handle 441 kw (600 ps)/589 N/m (70 kg/m) and be extremely easy to use, was employed. This new clutch, which was all but developed for the NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune, uses a high-friction material made using the optimum blend of copper in the disc to reduce the friction μ and deformation caused by heat and to suppress judder, which occurs easily in clutches made of metal. Using a disc made of high-friction material makes it possible to lower the clutch cover pressing force and thus reduces the clutch pedal depression force. This emphasizes that this vehicle is a road-going car and not a racing car.
Equipped with a Carbon Fiber Propeller Shaft and Differential Oil Cooler
The propeller shaft is made of CFRP. Weight reduction of 5.26 kg (standard shaft: 12.52 kg) was achieved to contribute to improve driving performance. The transmission and differential oil temperatures during continuous high-speed driving were optimized by installing a special oil cooler. This also contributes to realizing better stability and improving performance when driving continuously on a closed circuit.



Lightweight, Highly Rigid Dry Carbon Parts
The main features of the exterior are the aerodynamic parts, such as the front bumper, front blister fender, and hood, which are made of CFRP specially developed for automotive applications. These CFRP body parts further reduce the weight of the vehicle front. The front bumper effectively guides air to the engine and brakes, and the front blister fenders were widened by 15 mm on one side to accommodate the wider tread and were also given the function of exhausting the air from the engine room from inside the fenders.  The hood has air ducts for obtaining sufficient intake air volume utilizing the ram pressure effect during high-speed driving, and it also features a front under-spoiler to create a lowering force on the front of the vehicle. In this way, all of the aerodynamic parts used on the vehicle were designed with the airflow in mind.
Aero Parts
- Front aero bumper made of CFRP
- Front blister fenders made of CFRP
- Front under spoiler made of CFRP (with wear protection plate)
- Hood made of CFRP
- Rear spoiler flap made of CFRP
- Side skirt made of ABS plastic
- Rear under-spoiler made of FRP
- Rear fender cover made of FRP

Completely Painted with Special Body Colors
The NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune expresses the NISMO corporate colors of black, red, and silver over the entire vehicle. Special silver (KYO) is used for the body color and a combination of black and red is used for the interior.
Special Emblem and Plate
- NISMO complete car special "NISMO chassis plate"
- NISMO complete car special "NISMO" emblem
- NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune special "Z-tune" emblem



- Alcantara is used for the center of the seats, and leather seats are used to provide support during the powerful fore and aft, right and left G forces that are generated.
- Coordinated side trim to match the seats.
- Full-scale white meter that goes to 320 km/h.
- Multi-function display (MFD) featuring a data logger, lap time meter, and other functions.
- Newly developed steering wheel with air bag



Base Model Skyline GT-R (BNR34) V-spec (used)
Body Color Z-tune Silver (KY0), special color for R34GT-R Z-tune only.
Engine Model RB26DETT Modified spec, "Z2" (Z-tune concept engine spec.2)
Engine Type Water-cooling in-line 6 cylinder DOHC
Bore & Stroke 87mm x 77.7mm
Compression Ratio 8.5 : 1
Displacement 2,771 cc
Max Power over 368 kw (500ps)
Max Torque over 540N.m (55kg.m)
Weight 1,600 kg


Specification Sheet

Engine Cylinder Head Camshaft (Z-tune Exclusive)
    Metal Head Gasket
    Special Combustion Chamber shape & Volume Adjustment
    Enlarged Port & Grind machining
    Special Relief Machining on camshaft
    Exclusive Rocker cover with Z-tune special color.
  Cylinder Block GT Engine Block (Strength & Rigidity Uprated)
    Forged Piston (Z-tune exclusive)
    GT Crank Shaft (Forged + Fillet Roll Machining)
    GT Connecting Rod spec 2 ( I Shaped, SNCM Material )
    Oil Pan Baffle Plate
  Engine Components GT Collector Tank (special shape)
    Turbo Charger (made by IHI, Exclusive for Z-tune)
    Exhaust Outlet (special shape)
    Exhaust Manifold specially machined to remove gap & stiffener processing.
  Cooling Twin Oil Cooler (exclusive for Z-tune)
    Aluminum Radiator (Cooling performance upgraded)
    Intercooler (Cooling performance upgraded)
    Intercooler piping
  Fueling High-Flow Fuel Injector
    High-Flow Fuel Pump
  Engine Control ECM (exclusive for Z-tune)
  Exhaust WELDINA NE-1 Titanium (Fr tube is stainless steel)
Body Shell Door Surrounding Extra Spot Welding
  Others Hood Ridge Reinforcement on Front Strut Upper part
    CFRP Reinforcement at Center Tunnel etc.
Suspension Shocks & Springs Damp Force Adjustable in 3 variations. Ride-Height Adjustable, SACHS Suspension basis, exclusive for Z-tune
  Stabilizer Bars Spring Constant Upgraded
  Bushings Less Friction Hard Rubber Bushings
  Wheel LM GT4 GT500 Model Black Color 18 x 9.5J (Exclusive for Z-tune)
  Tire Bridgestone POTENZA RE01R (265/35-18)
Powertrain Clutch Twinplate Clutch (COPPERMIX TWIN)
  Differentials Front: Mechanical L.S.D.
    Rear: Active L.S.D. * Final Gear Ratio: 3.545
    ETC Control Unit (Exclusive for Z-tune)
  Propeller Shaft Carbon Fiber Propeller Shaft (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Brakes Rotor & Caliper Front: 365mm dia, 2-piece, Ventilated Disc + Mono-block 6 piston Caliper
    Rear: 355mm dia, 1-piece, Ventilated Disc + Forged 4 Piston Caliper
  Brake Pad & Hose Z-tune Special Brake Pad + Stainless Steel Meshed Hose
Exterior Front Bumper New Design Type CFRP (Exclusive for Z-tune)
  Front Under Panel CFRP (Exclusive for Z-tune)
  Front Fender CFRP Blister Fender (Exclusive for Z-tune)
  Side Skirt ABS Resin
  Rear Spoiler Flap CFRP
Interior Steering Wheel Air-Bag Type
  Seat Uprated Trim (Exclusive for Z-tune)
  Door Trim Uprated Trim (Exclusive for Z-tune)
  Speedometer 320km Display, White Background
  MFD Version II Type


Extra Service

Extra Service
For those who purchase, we have available extra services.
Delivery of Car
Delivery of car available at NISMO headquarters by Mr. Watanabe Osamu (Former Skyline [R34] Product Planning Administration) and NISMO Contract Driver etc.
Free inspection
Once a year, we will do diagnosis and oil change by Nismo's Z-tune exclusive mechanic.
* The necessary expenses such as the transportation of vehicles are charged separately.
Support During Circuit Racing
We will also provide services to dispatch NISMO Works mechanics to the circuit. (Chargeable)
* We are planning 2 mechanics (chassis / engine + engineer), advance / after check, checking expendable items during traveling (actual expenses) etc.


General Information

"World's Strongest Road Going Car"
"NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune" discontinued
Nissan Motorsport International Co., Ltd. "NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune" is a complete car based on the Skyline GT-R (BNR34) which began selling in a limited number since December 2004 and will be discontinued.

Complete JP¥ 16,900,000 (17,450,000 with tax)

Parts conversion JP¥ 12,500,000 (13,125,000 with tax)

"NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune" was build as World's Strongest Road Going Car" and "TOP OF THE GT-R" and was originally due to released limited to 20 vehicles. Because it has become difficult to obtain suitable donor cars, the final production volume was 19 units including a prototype, with two cars to be preserved.
Thirteen commercially available "NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune" were delivered in Japan and four were delivered overseas such as Australia and Thailand. The last one will be delivered soon.



The Nismo Z-Tune was also supplied with a carbon fibre briefcase to store documents that came with the car.
Photo by BobbyR34
Photo by BNR34 GT-R
Video by Contempo Concept.


Build Plaque


Z-Tune Order Form

Note: Says that cars can be provided or you can supply your own, but if you provide your own it cannot be Midnight Purple II or Midnight Purple III.
Provided by Ale @ BNR34 GT-R 



Scan provided by Manith De Silva.


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